Entrepreneurs are welcome here! If you’re here on this page looking to grow your business or you are looking for an opportunity to become your own independent business owner, then you’ve landed in the right spot. Work With Carla Ladd 02

Being an entrepreneur since 1997 has exposed me to many different opportunities, products, compensation plans and programs but frankly, there are specific reasons that I chose to build my business with the company I’m with.

Here’s what’s important to me:
Experienced Leadership
Products that everyone MUST have (NO lotion, potion, motion)
A Duplicable System
A stable Company that has stood the test of time (no risky start-ups)
Products that I use myself
Products that have mass market appeal and Everyone MUST HAVE
A product that would enhance my Personal Brand
To be in business for myself, but not by myself. To have a Support Team helping me to be successful.


These things may not be important to you (I don’t know why they wouldn’t be), but when you’re looking to partner with a company it’s important to make sure that the business meets YOUR requirements.

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About Carla Ladd 01You may not be interested in becoming an entrepreneur at this time.  You probably make good money and have a fulfilling career and are looking forward to retirement within the next 6-12 years. You have a lovely home and a beautiful family and it all costs pretty penny. To top it off, you’ll be paying for college expenses in a few short years (if not now)… You’re looking for a way to become debt free and financially independent or you’re concerned that you will outlive your retirement savings. You don’t want to be sold by a financial advisor who recommends products based on what will make them the biggest commission (which may not necessarily be the best strategy to help you accomplish your financial goals). You want to become educated about your financial choices without pressure.

You’re thinking about retirement, but have no idea if you’ll have enough money saved. You want to retire in the lifestyle you’ve become accustomed, not downsize your lifestyle because you don’t have enough money.

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