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Have you ever thought about leaving the 9-5 GRIND, getting out of rush hour TRAFFIC, and retiring financially independent EARLY?

About-Carla-Ladd-01-400x560That was me. As I sat in traffic (and sometimes in unproductive work meetings), I would dream about being my own boss; being in control of my income and more importantly being in control of my time. I wanted to travel without worrying about how many vacation days I had left on the books or if I had enough money. I dreamed of meeting friends for coffee in the middle of the day without worrying about being back to work before my lunch hour was over. I truly felt like a corporate slave.

In 2007, after many years in Aerospace as a Systems Engineer, I finally had enough! I was way too young to retire, yet I couldn’t see myself on a job day in and day out for another 30 years. So, when the opportunity presented itself, I left my corporate job to pursue my entrepreneurial passions full time and I haven’t looked back! I LOVE the freedom (financial and time) running my own business has afforded me and helping people become financially free through Entrepreneurship and sound financial principles is my life’s purpose.

As a Personal Financial Manager, I take an educational approach to helping clients become debt-free including their mortgage in 6-12 years without spending a dime more than they are currently spending.
My goal is to see people retire comfortably and in the lifestyle they desire.About Carla Ladd 02

Through my work with DenverBlackPages.com, I have built an online community for Denver’s African American residents and visitors by helping hundreds of entrepreneurs market their businesses and events effectively and inexpensively.

Via the MRBES Success Summit economic empowerment conference, we help hundreds of entrepreneurs and professionals make powerful connections with the resources and people they need for business and personal financial success.

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Backed by solid credentials, including a BS in Electrical Engineering and MS in Computer Science and several financial certifications and licenses, I want to help you achieve success (however you define it).

Here’s to YOUR success!

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